Monday, June 13, 2016

3 Dreams of Ann Frank

Last week I had to go to Iowa for a hospital work. I was tagged with a local family doctor. It was an eye opener. We drove through miles and miles of beautiful and all lush green cornfields and soybean farms. He told me that his family always wanted him to be a farmer but he decided to be a small town doctor, though he still helps out his father as a part-time farmer. I laughed and said: "In our part of the world all parents want their children to be doctors". The most important thing I learned that in midwest USA, despite extremely fertile land small farmers are struggling.They have been exploited in the same way as in any other part of the world. Small farmers can not compete with big huge corporations and eventually bullied out to sell their farms (Ha! Walmart). Cost and maintenance of new farming machines are skyrocketing. To ease the pain of financial hardships, towns set up small weekly markets for local farmers and retailers to sell vegetables, fruits, crafts etc. We drove to neighboring state of Minnesota to see Thursday market at Rochester. There was a stall of books written by local authors. I bought a story book of Rod Starcke: "Three Dreams of Anne Frank". It was an interesting story of a very young girl Anne who is struggling to write a good Fairy tale. As the story evolves, she goes through a mystical journey of three dreams named Ocean, Church and The Tracks (of train) - where out of her own fear and fight of survival (and her deaths), she learns to help out other people  At the end, she writes: "Finally! I have it right. Ellen dies and comes back in people's dreams so that she can keep comforting them even after death".

- Sounds like a typical life story of any Sufi !!!

I was not expecting such a forceful story sitting at a small stall of a small town. It was just beautiful.


Aly Jafferani said...

I went to FortWayne for a week, and it was the best 7 days I spent during my year in united states. I feel midwest somewhat reminds us of how people are back home in Pakistan.

I am glad I will be returning for good in a couple of months.

mystic-soul said...

Aly: Midwest reminds you of long miles long farms of Panjab!