Thursday, January 05, 2017

A note from everyday life

After covering new year night in the hospital, I was dead tired and was trying to keep myself awake with coffee. As my replacement arrived at 7 AM, I finished and threw my empty cup into the trash, BUT instead of throwing it in the regular trash, I put it in Biohazard Bin, which is supposed to be only for medical and body fluid waste. I was reminded by a cleaning person that this was not appropriate. I was wrong! I apologized to him, pick the cup from Biohazard Bin and  put it in the regular trash.

It was a small occurrence but led me to think that there is a reason west is making more progress than the other countries. Anyone can be reminded of his wrongdoing without any fear. From the head of the country to a janitor has his/her own space which cannot be violated. That's how it used to be the guidelines of good governance of Umar bin Khattab, where even caliph of the Estate can be sent to court.

Islam ki saari taalimaat woh le gaye aur kharafat main par gai ummat.


mehnaz said...

"Islam is the best religion and Muslims are worst followers"-I think Bernard shaw said.

mystic-soul said...

Yeah.. it was Bernard Shaw.