Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dear Zindagi

Shahrukh Khan took long time to transform from a star to an actor. This is one finest performance by him.

I watched this movie not once but twice - first when it came out last year and again after 4 months, as it lingered on my head. This is one movie which encompasses most of the corners of an ideal movie. Though movie revolves around a very simple storyline of a relationship between a lost young woman and a psychologist, it is punched with some serious conversations and dialogues. At the core it addresses the long term issues from childhood trauma. Being a physician, I was also pleasantly surprised by an ethical line shown between a patient and a doctor (though I was expecting a typical bollywood romantic turn). It was a treat to see such an  ideal and a mature film.

Movie is written  and directed by Gauri Shinde, who earlier made similar good movie English Vinglish.

Trailer here


bsc said...

I hesitated until I read wickipedia on the movie. Reminds me of two people.
When some conservative persons come over (well not the current generation) from "home country" to the West there is some degree of shock (I remember my own feelings too) One young brilliant fellow had a breakdown after "dating" and finding the girl with somebody else. He was sent to a psychologist who did a good job to make him recover and they united up in marriage. Another well-known person (in Pakistan) "dated some hospital Nurse and found her with somebody else and lost his balance much more
We later met him in such hospital to see him reduced to poor personality whom I had known when he ran 100 meters and 200 meters race for record times (then)
Well sort of similar to Gauri experience somewhat

Sajid said...

For me the jist of this movie was, when SRK said to girl that "hum jab bare y ho jate hain to hame apne parents ko thori der ke iye insaan ke prism se dekhna chahiye ke unhon ne agar galati bhi ki to hamara hi bhala socha". I think it is important to try to understand parents as normal human beings.

mystic-soul said...

Uncle:: Incredible stories from life. Over the years, I developed a huge respect for psychologists and psychotherapists. I have seen many people saved by them!

Sajid: (you comment once every 5 years!) - I hear you. Actually, you are right. That was the actual message from the movie. I should have added that in my post. (but let people read in comments).