Monday, June 26, 2017

On "sex buds and taste buds"

As I was talking to one of my Lahori friend about famous Iqbal Hussain's Cuckoo’s Den at Heera Mandi Lahore, he asked me an interesting question.

"Kiya tum ne kabhi socha hai ke har shahr ke sab se ziya mazedaar khaane - aur sab se ziyada mazedaar hotel - bazare husn ke ilaqe (red light area) - main kiun hote hain".

(In case you are interested, read this article PAINTING PROSTITUTES )


bsc said...

Interesting article, I had to read before writing my note. Every KE graduate goes through the redlight area as he has to do OB-GYN duty in Lady Willingdon Hospital between the Badshahi mosque and Hira mandi. I remember going one night with others from my group to listen to one "mujra" and she did a good job singing "ay dil mujhay bata day..." it was not well known song at that time (so new) and they served us with chai and pan. I also remember walking through the sex-performers street very narrow and doors half open with the lady sitting in the chair with all make-up on. I felt kind of ashamed to look at them and just walked by. Kept thinking afterwards about the lives of these women
Many of them were familiar that KE youngsters visit there and our Ob Boss knew many of them as they get treatments from there Many have written against hira mandi but it seems it is an essential part of Lahore and will continue as many big shots visit there regularly. Hussain the artist or the cafe seem to be new er than my time (1955-56)

mystic-soul said...

Uncle: Indeed Hira Mandi was an integral part of Lahore's student life. Even Allama Iqbal was a regular visitor there. It is alleged that he end up killing a prostitute there, and was saved from jail by his principal.

I have chance to visit Museum of Prostitute and Red light area in Amsterdam as well as Napier Road in Karachi - Only thing I had inside was a feeling of disgust and shame on myself as a human. As Faiz said:

Ja ba ja koocha o bazaar main bikte huwe jism
khak main lathRay huwe, khooN main nahelaye huwe
Laut jaati hai udhar ko bhi nazar kiya kijey
Ab bhi dilkash hai tera husn magar kiya kijey
Aur bhi dukh hain zamane main mohabbat ke seewa