Wednesday, June 28, 2017

On "True Eid"

(Asal Eid to wahi hoti hai jab mehboob se achanak wisal ho jaaye) 

Hazrat Khwaja Baba Farid of Mithankot (punjab) is a well known Saraiki sufi poet of late 19th century. This is based on his conversation with a majzoob outside the Eidgah ground. A majzoob was asking every passerby: "When is (my) Eid?", and people keep walking away laughing as it was apparent that Eid is today.

When he asked Baba Farid; "When is (my) Eid?". Baba Farid answered: "Eid is when you meet your Mehboob".

He questioned back: "when I will meet my Mehboob"?. Baba Farid replied: "When (all) distances die  - or (when you will stop feeling him as stranger inside you - or when he will call you from inside you) ".

He asked: "And when (all) the distances will die?" . Baba Farid said: "Only when he (mehboob) wish".

As Gulzar sahab said:

Yaaro aase paase wasda hai yaar mera 
Dikhda ni ohdi khusbuaan sungdaan 
Na visaal hoya kadi - Na judai hoyi 
ishq de qaidi ti na rihai hoyi


Beyond said...

This is a very touching post, doctor. However, I wonder what is better...the actual wisaal or the sweet pain of judai?

mehnaz said...

Hazrat Amir khusro.

Anonymous said...


Eid mubarak to you all!

Anonymous said...

>> Baba Farid replied: "When (all) distances die - or (when you will stop feeling him as stranger inside you - or when he will call you from inside you)"

I had heard somewhere about this tragedy of cosmic loneliness.

Our individual consciousness is only ours, it is sealed off from everyone else. We know each other only through bodily interactions and that often leads to feeling of loneliness!

dopamine said...

Beautiful lines sir

mystic-soul said...

Beyond: I am glad you are still around. You don't comment anymore

Mehnaz: Thank you!!! (very timely)

Anony: We all are in pursuit of breaking that bubble I guess

Dopamine: !!!! (why this nick, and not epinephrine? !! :)

bsc said...

Beautiful couplets of both Mystic and Mehnaz
Sort of reminds me of
apnay mann men doob ker paja suragh-e-zindagi
Or another one I have forgotten if you can remember, the meanings are
Jamshed kept looking at his jaam but would have found it if he had looked into himself some day
something like that Can any one advise (Allama Iqbal, of course)

sajid said...

Mystic: Its very hard to comment on yr blog as there are so many odd verifications required to prove, 'I am not robot'. Talking of Majzoob, I saw your post below on silence in spirituality. I think, majzoob are those people who can not handle power of spirituality, loose their mind but keep a spark of it.

mystic-soul said...

Sajid: I hear you. But if I let loose comment, spammers will have very good time! BTW. I agree with you on Majzoob thingy.

mystic-soul said...

Uncle: I don't remember exact words but it was like, I think - Looking inside oneself is the true jame-jam