Friday, March 30, 2012


(The day when Theodore Roosevelt's wife died, he wrote in his diary that: "The light has gone out of my life.")

Aisha Iqbal was the first blogger I read and since than she remained my favorite blogger, for almost 7 years now!  Another classic post from her...

"................I lived in Peachree Battle until my wife died, he suddenly looked astonished his eyes seeming to no longer see us, she died fifteen years ago. My, has it been that long? How could that much time have passed?He shook his head and paused again before clearing his throat and looking at us, the smile back in his eyes as he told us the benefits of the community and the distance to local shops. We watched him as he walked away. ...................that one flash moment which lasted a scarce few seconds when I looked into his eyes and saw a blinding flash of pain and loss and loneliness and then-- a smile.  It's about the full realization yet again of how many of us live each day with so much pain buried just beneath the surface and how despite soul crushing tragedies we get out of bed, we brush our teeth, we put on a face to greet the world. The ability to love, grieve, and to live in spite of it is the part of our humanity that leaves me most speechless."

Read full post here: Just beneath the surface! 

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