Saturday, March 03, 2012

Love, InshAllah

 It took me a month to finish 25 true stories of Muslim women who spoke about their romantic and sexual side. It was not only an interesting read but an important one. Being a man of Muslim immigrant heritage who is raising a daughter, it was simultaneously heartwarming as well as disturbing to learn about the passion as well as pressure on Muslim women in western society. These stories range from traditional matchmaking at one extreme to graphic detail of a lovemaking act to an other extreme! It talk about rape, coming out of lesbian closet, infatuation, heartbreaks, polygamy and as well as it talk about marriage proposals for Green Card. It also talk about Istikhara, prayers and divine intervention via dreams. It talk about inter-racial marriages, 3 marriages, successful marriage with a man carrying 5 kids from previous, and about gori getting married to a brown boy! Also, it talk about racism against 'blacks' from their own religious community. It describes a girl attached to a Muslim rock band and punks!

Some stories are just cute (can't find better word than this) like of both Ayeshas, Leena, Nura, Nour Gamal and Huda. Zahra Noorbakhsh's take was extremely funny (I got the Hole). Yasmin Khan talk about blog, chat and facebook. Story of going back to first love from Safiyyah is very interesting. Leila Khan story will break your heart as like wait of Chinyere Obimba!

Men in stories will equally leave mark on you like Javed (loved him), Matthew, Marcelo, Mika'l, Mike and Mohamed of Egypt.

Stories are divided into 5 sections. 1) Allah Alim: its about girls meeting their first love 2) Alif: it mostly talk about their first sexual encounter 3) International Habibti: It talks about affair overseas 4) Third Time's the Naseeb: It talked about relationship after 2 previous failed marriages 5) Ayat: Relationship via cyber world.


Aisha said...

Glad to read the review! By the way, when one clicks on your name when you leave a comment it always takes me to a place that says "This user is private" I'm sure your'e not private so just wanted to let you know!

Mystic said...

I guess I fixed it!

Aysha said...

Where do I find these 24 stories you speak about?

mystic-soul said...

you can get either via amazon or read it on is below