Thursday, March 22, 2012

One strange phone call

I received a very strange phone call from only daughter of one of my very good old friend. She is 21. To give a little perspective - my friend and her family are very conservative in terms of religious practices. But despite my liberal and mostly outrageous views, we get along well.

Daughter has received a 'rishta' from a Muslim boy. 'Larka' is a lawyer and frequently deals with family and criminal cases. Girl's father is refusing rishta on the ground that - he may be carrying a lot of burden of bud-dua from people and eventually it will either corrupt or harm his daughter.

Being an obedient daughter, she doesn't want to go against father's wishes but she likes boy too!

I haven't decided yet what to do!!


bsc said...

Amazing that the father does not think of Duas of those who would be happy and my guess is they would outnumber.

mystic said...

What amaze me (and this blog is all about) - how differently people view life and its issues....