Friday, December 28, 2012

Life of Pi - 2

I read this novel last year and blogged about it (here). I think, they did an excellent job making movie out of this mystical/abstract novel. I am still scratching my head that how they made movie with 450 pound heavy Bengal tiger, showing him in such close proximity with central character Pi. Irfan Khan is as usual outstanding and Tabu continue to mesmerize with her voice and tone!

As I blogged earlier, story revolves around a South Indian boy who gets in a shipwreck. Now he has to survive in a small boat with a huge tiger. In contrast to novel, which has flaw of getting toooo dragged with tiger and boy's interaction, movie kept good rhythm and pace. Movie was able to keep audience at edge of the seat.

Central idea: We all have to live with our inner selves till we find our rescue at shore. We have to train our inner self, keeping instinctual evil under control. We have to feed our inner ego in a gentle way and to make friendship with him. Movie/novel is written in an abstract form - portraying different humans as animals (simple Buddhist monk as Zebra, Pi's mother as loving Orangutan, Evil cook as Hyena and self Pi as Tiger) - meaning God's plan in our life also manifest as impersonation. Events in our life are all abstracts having other real meanings.

When Pi and Tiger get stuck in a far away island - was actually a tale that - sometime in our life, we think of a deadly island as a last destination but we need to know that life is all about moving till we reach ashore among real livings again.

Dialogues are powerful like"People meant to go away - Amma, Abba, Ravi - but what hurt most - there was no good bye or thank you, after we survive so long together."

P;S: Other Hollywood flick "Parental Guidance" is also an excellent watch with nice family comedy of my  favorite Billy Crystal. 'Les Misérables' is also a good watch but nowhere near actual novel.

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