Monday, December 17, 2012

Jhoot ki Deewar

This is one email in response to one previous post: 'Ali Karim, Drugs, Sex aur Namaz!' (here)

"I read your post  on Ali Karim's issue with weed/drugs. Let me tell you my ordeal - and what price I paid for this bad habit. 

I was engaged to the most wonderful girl in world. Everything was like Bollywood movie. We remained engaged for 5 years and finally had memorable wedding. I had use weed since college days. It never interfered in my studies or professional life. It was my hidden secret. I never shared with anyone even her. We were together for almost 8 years! and I hided from her my addiction to weed. Once we were married, she recovered weed from my jacket. I tried to hide again but it was very obvious. It was not addiction or weed itself which broke our relationship but web of lies I weaved over 8 years - Retrospectively all those small lies for bad breath, getting late, acting silly, red eyes, crashing on sofa etc etc. - us aik jhoot ko chupane ke liye 100 dusre jhoot -

I wish she comes back but still what she said while leaving, hurts me: "Tumne jhoot ki itni unchi deewar khari ker di hai ke main wapas bhi aana chaun to mumkin nahi"

I did quit weed cold turkey but still waiting for her"

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