Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ruhi Bano

What a disturbing news!

When we start growing and watching TV, Ruhi Bano was a Pakistani icon. Read this disturbing news. Wanted to say: "Life is a Bitch" but would recite gulzar sahab!

Jeene ke liye socha hi nahi dard sambhalne honge
Muskuraye to, muskurane ke qarz utarne honge

"Roohi Bano, the half-sister of acclaimed musician Zakir Hussain, (and daughter of Indian tabla maestro Alla Rakha) was back in the news recently after thieves stole Rs 1 million and some valuables from her house in Gulberg area of Lahore.......Bano lost her only son Ali when he was shot dead in 2005 under mysterious circumstances at the age of 20...........Since then, she has lived alone, battling medical and psychological problems. Trash and old furniture lie strewn outside her home, which lacks basic amenities such as gas. The furniture inside is broken and the only working appliance Bano owns is her television."

Full news here


Amna Bilal said...

Like ur blog.... Covering alot of things around the world :)

mystic-soul said...


Browsed your blog. Beautiful selection of poetry.


Amna Bilal said...

appriciated...and greatfull...:) would like ur visits off and on :)