Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Book Thief

Book Thief is an interesting movie and a must see for 2013 list. It is a story narrated by (angel of) death!

Story revolves around a pre-teen girl who goes through extreme hardship in Germany during World War 2. As she loses one after another of her loved ones, she questions the meaning of hope, life, help, promise, words, books and love. As angel of death says in the end - that - people think death haunts the life but in actuality its life which haunts the death that how hard and incredible to live through the process of life.

Movie has been done remarkably well with pace, photography, filming war and bombing, and showing era of 1940s. Trailer here

= Movie Homefront is a typical Sylvester stallone "All American One Man Hero" type movie. You will not regret $10 and will not get bored. Trailer here

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