Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On Domestic violence / A woman's perspective

(One email)

I came across your blog recently and realized you make fun of women and their influences on their men. Husbands and wives and their stories are all very amusing. You think love is there when the diamonds are bought and the trips are arranged and the money is being generous. But there is a flip side to it. When a man pushes and grabs a woman in his anger. 

When the woman tries to leave as she does not want to increase the tension, he stands in his way and grabs her throat. But when the woman says please do not touch me, he twists her fingers and grab her wrists and tell her that he can touch her when ever he wants to. When he drags her to 'talk' to her. Because he is angry. Because he is the man. Because he can take away to car keys and tell the woman to walk if she wants to go out because it is his car and he can have it and she will not have it. And the woman is thankful that he did not pull her hair out as it would be supremely painful and did not hit the blemish free face as it will leave a bruise and she will not be able to tell the world what happened.

This is where the other side of picture is obvious. A woman with kids and family, a woman who is so independent and well educated, a woman who is the most cherished one by many, that woman is just a commodity behind the close doors. Because that woman went to the gym in the morning and the man did not want to give breakfast to the kids. Where as normally, it would not be a problem, but what if the man is stressed because of work? And as a man, he can make his woman the victim of his wrath and treat her as a animal because he is a man and she is a woman.


bsc said...

یہ مرد بڑے بیدرد بڑے بیدرد چلوجی مانا
مردوں کا پھر بھی غلام ہے زمانا Problem of men and women continues from ancient times, never solved.
Is there a solution? What happens 'behind doors' is unpredictable
Only "khuda khofi" may help

mystic-soul said...

I agree uncle. Respect is the key to any marriage.