Friday, September 23, 2016

On "Love and war" - 2

Following is an email on follow-up on a little sentimental post 2 days ago - "Love and War" -here

"I browse your blog frequently but I am not very good in leaving messages. But your post on war and love made me send you this email as it touched my nerve. I was born in a very wealthy memon family in Karachi. We were kind of business tycoons. Afterwards, I decided to join public service in Pakistan. It was a conventional and unwritten rule that everything is fair in business and diplomacy. There is no friend and no enemy. You only guard your interests. As a public officer in foreign service, I  had to deal at my level when Siachen  issue came. Later I was unable to take corruption and political pressure in public service. I retired and moved to Canada. What I learned that humans emotions play the most vital role in war, love, business, diplomacy or any other aspect of the life. And humans can go up to any extent for sustainment of their power, ego, wealth, anger or pleasure. It is so unfortunate that things get uglier as you go high in hierarchy. You may have heard of Qudratullah Shahab sahab, a well decorated and most well known Pakistani public servant of his time. His assessment was: "His whole bureaucracy was nothing but the smell of gutter and the toilet".  I agree with you. Low level are those creatures who think everything is fair in love and war. Unfortunately, they never did and they don't even intend to teach ethics in our class rooms."

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