Tuesday, September 13, 2016

On "Being Immortal"

As I previously said here that some people are so smart that it boggles my mind - and I am surrounded by crazy psychologically dyslexic friends. 2 weeks ago, on the labor day long weekend, few of my friends visited from out of town. Jokingly, at the dinner table, one friend threw this question: "If you have only 5 seconds to decide that if wish comes true, will  you become immortal with the bonus of always staying young?" (amar jawan rehna). Out of six friends, five said yes in an instant. Everybody start looking at the one who said No. You may not agree, but his explanation was:

"Once you know that you will never die, and as there will be no fear of death, the probability is that you will turn apathetic and an evil and will do more harm to surrounding humans. Secondly, you may become irrelevant to other people, as people thrive on your love knowing that one day you will die! Thirdly, it would not be easy to see your children and grandchildren suffering and dying in front of you. In short, eventually it will take pleasure out of life".

It reminded me of  Chacha Ghalib:

Hawas ko hai nishate-kaar kiya kiya
na ho marna to jeene ka maza kiya


dopamine said...

na ho marna tou jeenay ka maza kia hy.. kamaal baat sir.. sir aik interesting sawaal, ab baat chal he nikli hy maut ki tou, sawaal ye hay k ap k mutabiq marnay k baad kia hoga?? I mean physically tou pta hy k gal sarr jana sb kch lekin rooh waghera k baray mein apki kia rae hy??

mystic-soul said...

Dopamine: Let me email uncle. Once he wrote about the concept of ruh (soul) from Quran. It may help. If you ask an agnostic person like me.., we all get dilute into the divine web of monorealism!

dopamine said...

Sir the Quran says that ruh is: "Amr e Rabbi".. "They ask thee concerning the spirit (of inspiration). Say The spirit cometh by command of my Lord: of Knowledge it is only a little that is communicated to you,(O men!)." (Holy Qur'an 17:85)" I dont know sir but here is an interesting take on things. Someone came to Hazrat Ali (the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) and asked him "Have you seen God?" he replied, "I havent seen from these eyes, (and then pointed at his heart) but I have seen Him with my heart." I sometime feel the "methods" we use to decipher Divinity are different. Because if you are trying to go to some place but you have boarded the wrong train you can never reach there. Will wait for what Uncle has to say.

Shaan said...

dopamine: Correct Rooh is "Amr e Rabbi" Allaha ka noor hai. maut sir aur sirf jism ke liya hai Rooh ek noor hai jisko maut nahi. you can read about "Aalam e Arwah"


dopamine said...

Thank you Shaan bhai, will give it a read as its a pretty long article :) Bhai exactly, in Islam death is termed as a "transition", we slip from one realm to another where bodies cant go but Ruh can. But science doesnt accept it. I heard a lecture about string theory. The person said that if we accept 12 dimensions then there will be 2 times in this universe, but that's not possible so we accept 11 dimensions as it has just 1 time. I was wondering 12 dimensions and 2 times can exist!! Just like Prophet (PBUH) travel to Mairaj and when he came back the thing on his door was still moving.. difference in time!! wow subhanallah

Shaan said...

dopamine: Agreed absolutely correct about Mairaj i have the same believe.