Saturday, September 17, 2016

On "old man in the House"

This blog is all about how people feel, see and experience life. We may not agree and it may shock us but things happen differently to different people.

Main jab bhi apne shahr ki desi market jaata hun to Shakir sahab se mulaqat hoti hai. Bus jaan pehcaan bhi aese hi hui ke jab jao, woh apni makhsoos dukan ke bahir khaRe ho ke 'sutta' laga rahe hon ge - aur har aane jaane wale se baatain kerte rahain gey. Ab to koi 12 baras hone ko aa gaye - magar shakir sahab ki us paan ki dukan, peele shalwar kameez aur sutte main koi faraq naa aaya.

Aik din main ne Shakir sahab se mazaqan kaha: "aap kabhi ghar bhi jaate ho ya nahi?"

UnhoN ne jawab diya: "Jab bachhe baRe ho jaayain aur biwi bad-zuban ho, to ghar main mard ki hessiyat aik bhaRwe jesi ho jaati hai. Isi liye ghar nahi jaata".


Books and Stilettos said...

I hope I don't turn into a badzuban biwi as I grow older -- which I can turn into ... Of course , without getting older ;) fortunately I become very quiet when I am really angry which is a blessing !
but I do feel bad for all those men who have to deal with Badzuban Biwiz on daily basis .... not limited to desi khawateen -- I see this in every culture ( Goray - kalay & Oriental ) some women have NO reservations at all and they turn into Jahil ganwar B*** even in public places . They do need some sort of therapy I think its painful to watch how they treat their men !

mystic-soul said...

BnS: Trust me I hear you!!

Aly said...

Isn't this an older post. After reading this I keep thinking of my father and how it's going to be when I Wil be a father

mystic-soul said...

Yes Aly, this is 3 months old post.
I think of all fathers :)