Thursday, September 22, 2016


(Koonj is one heck of a blogger (link here) and I immensely learned from her. She is an extremely learned person. Once she did an amazing post on Gossip and Backbiting. here and here).

Following hikayat is on same line

A member of a parish shared false gossip about the pastor of the church she attended. It became apparent that many believed, or at least passed on the gossip to others. The pastor became discouraged, was held accountable for these lies, and lost credibility in the town. A few weeks later, the woman came and shared with the pastor, her guilt in the rumor spreading, she asked for forgiveness and the pastor said he would forgive her if she would do one thing for him. She agreed.

The pastor then took a feather pillow from his house, climbed the town water tower and cut the pillow open spreading the feathers to the wind. He climbed down and asked her to refill and mend the pillow to be forgiven for her act against him. She said it was not possible to collect all the feathers. He replied, it was also impossible for him to recover from the gossip she spread in the community.


Books and Stilettos said...

Its so hard to refrain from "Backbiting " Its almost impossible when around family and friends --its a major test of Emaan for me at least. May Allah give us all the strength to stay away from it... Ameen

mystic-soul said...

B n S:: I hear you. Trust me, i got sucked into that black vacuum various time, as it is so pleasurable to gossip, as per my one friend:: it is more delicious than sex.

bsc said...

You both are so true Muslims and my own eeman is even weaker than yours for I shudder at the Aya #12 of Sura Hujurat that I have memorised and read all tafseers yet the words of Qur'an Majeed are very clear and even a preceding aya "do not make fun of eachother" also kind of tells us even "joking" may be just s bad.
Yet I still enjoy that kind of fun. I am somewhat glad that now my loss of hearing "protects" me to a certain degree. The reason this sura intrigued me first was
"Yaa ayyuhallazdina Aamanoo..." so many ayat begin like that in this short sura, but it is full of many instructions of various types

Koonj said...

Arre mystic, you remembered me!
What good times we had during the heyday of the blogosphere. I don't mean the blogosphere is dead; it's just overshadowed by social media now, so the community has faded somewhat. So it's really nice to be back in touch.
I'm also very glad you are blogging actively!

mystic-soul said...

Koonj indeed!

Those were good days, we even shared family stories. I guess people moved to Twitter and facebook.

dopamine said...

Sir ye pages, ap sb bloggers k, sahifon k safay lagtay hein... ap log itnay khubsoorat hein ap ki baatein... to all of you hats off.. mei ahsan mand hun k life mein mjhy mauqa mila ap sb logon ki baatein parhnay ka and seekhnay ka.. :)

mystic-soul said...


Folow Koonj blog. She is excellent and carries a real sufi heart. She is an extremely enlightened person. You reminded me of Ghalib verse:

Aate hain gaib se ye mazameeN khayal main
Ghalib sareere khama nawaye sarosh hai

dopamine said...

I am already following Koonj, and also started following B n S. Very nice lines by ghalib sir.. if someone from you could write about "origin of thoughts" that would be an interesting read. :)

mystic-soul said...

Dopamine: It is an interesting thought: Origin of thoughts...
hmmm let see