Thursday, July 20, 2017

45 Years - 2

"EyeAre" has the privilege to read my first blog post more than twelve years ago - he vanishes for months rather years and suddenly pop up from nowhere. We never met, never talked, never communicated - but I am always thankful to him.

My first blog post (february 2005) was a single question: "To blog or not to blog?" - and after few hours I saw an answer: "Blog" -~ And I start blogging!

He left message on my previous post - 45 years

First of all, I don't agree that this movie has no climax. Actually, to understand real flavor of this movie, last scene is the most important, where kate's hands go down in last dance with dismal expressions on her face.

Second, this movie also tell us that despite living with a person for 45 years, you may not know the person fully. Beauty of the movie is that throughout the movie, a viewer think Geoff is a sad victim but actually, it is Kate who suffered the real trauma.

To understand, more on this movie, see the following link.


Anony said...

Thanks "EyeAre" for encouraging mystic to pen this wonderful blog!! :-)

bsc said...

I cant watch movies anymore but looked at this link to get to understand it
Reminds me of the people who have lot of money and are dead and have preserved (Cryopreservation) their bodies thinking that some day they will be brought back to life by the advancing medical technologies.
Sad. It requires 200K dollars a year to get it and it is located somehwere in north I believe Michigan? I am not sure

mystic-soul said...

I am not sure how much body actually stay preserved once it is dead. It is a modern form of mummification practiced widely during egyptian and following era but we know the answer. If we think, whole human psychology and actions revolves around the idea of death.

mystic-soul said...


I saw your new blog. Though I was unable to follow your post on "Card tricks" but liked the last on, and left a comment

Anony said...

Hey, thanks for your comments mystic-soul!