Sunday, July 16, 2017

45 Years

'45 years' is an interesting movie. I went to watch this movie two years ago but need to get out of theater due to an emergent text. Finally, I watched the movie this weekend.

It is a slow movie but with a little different message on spousal relationship. We all think that issues happen in marriage while husband/wife are young but once kids are grown, marriage becomes a norm. NOT TRUE. Trials and tribulations continue  and may erupt with a new face in marriage even if you are old (movie revolves around a couple in their 70s with 45 years of marriage). As they say in urdu:

"Qabar ka haal to murda hi jaanta hai" (only the dead knows the grave)

Only a man and a woman in given relationship understands the dynamic. Even very close and best friends don't understand relationship between spouses. You live with a happy face to show to the world but hidden feelings to just cruise on it.

Caution:: This movie has no real climax - rather it is a tale. It is based on a short story "In Another Country" written by David Constantine.

Trailer here

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Eyeare said...

First of all, I don't agree that this movie has no climax. Actually, to understand real flavor of this movie, last scene is the most important, where kate's hands go down in last dance with dismal expressions on her face.

Second, this movie also tell us that despite living with a person for 45 years, you may not know the person fully. Beauty of the movie is that throughout the movie, a viewer think Geoff is a sad victim but actually, it is Kate who suffered the real trauma.

To understand, more on this movie, see the following link.

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