Sunday, July 23, 2017

Second skill?

Dr. Z is my senior from medical school. He came to US well before I arrived in this country. He was always a brilliant student and no wonder once he was given opportunity to show his worth, he quickly went ahead of everyone and attained the full tenure professorship in an extremely reputable university program with tons of publications to his credit.

Last week he was visiting my city and I took him out for dinner. He made an interesting comment: "I don't know, we were right or wrong to be so devoted to our profession all of our life. One and only thing we learned beside practicing medicine is to pump gas in the car. We have no second skill, God forbid if we can't practice medicine".

Do we need a backup skill in life to survive? I wondered about it for 2/3 days after he was gone.

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bsc said...

Very strong statement. To tell you the truth I realized that fact/factoid when I got into 4th year (MBBS) Majority of doctors are "good for nothing else" But exceptions do occur
I have some examples in my mind but most of them are those who gave up medical practice to make a name in "other" job
But observation of Dr. Z has some truth in it