Monday, July 31, 2017

A mystic story

(I am not sure, if this story really belongs to Hazrat Abraham, but moral of the story is worth signifying pluralism and coexistence) .

Hazrat Ibrahim was very fond of having guests at his house and particularly was hospitable to travellers. He stood near his house, and waited for travellers to pass by. Whenever he saw them, he invited them back to his house. He would everyday bring home at least one guest and without having a guest, he would not touch food himself. 

 Once it so happened that no traveller passed that way for three days, and each evening he would return to his home disappointed. After three days an old man appeared on a camel. Hazrat Ibrahim invited the old man to his home to eat with him, the old man accepted the invitation. 

The old man and Hazrat Ibrahim sat to eat and Hazrat Ibrahim recited “Bismillah” (in the name of God) before eating the food, but the old man did not say anything. Hazrat Ibrahim asked why he did not call Almighty before taking his meal. The old man said that it was not the custom in his religion, as he is one of those who worship fire. Hazrat Ibrahim turned the old man out. 

 As soon as the old man went away, the Angel came to Hazrat Ibrahim and told Him that God  had been feeding this unbeliever for seventy years. Could not he tolerate him for even one meal?


Anony said...

In Sanskrit too, there is one proverb: "Vasudhaiva kuTumbkam" meaning that the world is indeed one family!

Though I don't think it is followed or even if it's possible to follow!

bsc said...

Whatever the truth but it is a well-known story and yes teaches a powerful lesson and as we approach 70 years after partition of India I am thinking of many things I remember of those days and the differences of Hindu Sikh and Muslims Many stories are heart-warming and many are heart-breaking

Mystic said...

Anony: I disagree! I think, it is possible to have view humanity as one family. When first time I left Pakistan! I was full of "Black Patriotism". At London airport, I met an Indian student. He paid for my breakfast as I had no pounds. Since that day, I never looked back. That small gesture of him broke all walls around me. And, certainly I have my own political views but at least one good thing of melting pot of USA is that you live among so many nationalities that you feel no difference between black, whites, african, spanish, jews, muslim, sikh, isaaii.

Mystic said...

Uncle: I still view 1947 partition as a mistake. And, I think Maulana abul Kalam Azad was right!

Anony said...


>> you feel no difference between black, whites, african, spanish, jews,
>> muslim, sikh, isaaii.

That's really a good experience to have/share. I agree, that's one advantage of living with people of different cultures in USA. :-)