Tuesday, June 05, 2012

On Sexual-ism in Literature

"Meri tehreeroN main log agar fahashi dhundh lete haiN to koi hairani ki baat nahi. Baaz bad-qismat to aasmani saheefoN main bhi fahashi dhundh nikalte hain". (Saadat Hasan Minto)

(It does not surprise me that some people can find sexual-ism in my writings. Few unfortunates can even dig sexual-ism in God's Revelations")


Anonymous said...

This quotation is not at all logical, this man is myopic.

He wrote what he wrote, but justifying with different realm of writing is not at all logical.

What he wrote is a fiction!

Ya Allah hum sub ku Aaqal e salim ata farma! hum ko maaf kar aur hame akhirat ki kamyabi naseeb farma. (aameen)

mystic-soul said...

As a response - I advise you to read his story "Khol do"!

It apparently sounds vulgar but once you will finish the story, you will be convince that - there could not be better way to title this story...

Similarly, his stories, "thanda ghosht" and "mootri"

Anonymous said...

I also have one of his quotes
"If you find my stories dirty, the society you are living in is dirty. With my stories, I only expose the truth".
- Saadat Hassan Manto

I don't think that Manto has written vulgarity. Some times people don't have the courage to see in mirror.

Anonymous said...

For a literature genius, there must be hundreds of ways to portray the society’s abnormalities, why choose a path which is debatable. If a room is unclean, you do not through more garbage to clean it, nor do you make your hands dirty to show that the room is unclean.

Allah says in Quran do not go EVEN near to Fahesh (fahashi).

How many SALEEM fitrat people have the courage to hand over minto rama to their mother, sister and daughters to read, and repeat the below statement:

Main ne ju kitab aap ko di hain us main agar aap fahashi dhundh lete hoon to koi hairani ki baat nahi. Baaz bad-qismat to aaasmani saheefon main bhi fahashi dhund nikalte hain (the brave)

mystic-soul said...

I guess, its all never ending debate on literature!