Saturday, June 23, 2012

Safety not guarenteed

Its a one spooky movie

I went to see this movie as it was based at Oceanview, Washington, where I spend some time of my life - but it turned out to be a lighthearted science fiction but with an interesting theme! Story revolves around a weird man who is trying to built a time machine with purpose to change one given moment of regret/mistake from past! Like, the girl said in the movie: "When I was 14 my mom was killed at gas-station randomly. Actually, she called me on her way to home that if I need anything and I asked for chocolate milk. As she stopped at gas station to buy my milk, she was killed. Wish I can change that moment"...............So - if given chance which one specific moment, would you like to change from your past?

Watch here and here   
("Give me the lesbian and the Indian" - I think it was sarcastic but very humorous)

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