Monday, June 18, 2012

Stuck in 'P' word!

In last few weeks, I am having an interesting interaction with my kids. If I end up saying 'Promise' to anything, no matter what, I have to fulfill it. It ranges from stupid promise of shaving first thing in the morning (as they found my beard ticklish) to taking them to Disney before year's end.

In the beginning I didn't take it seriously but later I realized its value. I maintained steady flow of promises and making sure they get fulfilled (like you get the window seat next time on flying, will take you to dollar store first thing in the morning, will buy Cane's Chicken for you before midnight, Or our next car would be of white color etc etc). My kids will jump in joy if they hear "Promise" with any sentence. They say: "You are now stuck with P word"

I think, I achieved my objective of teaching them lesson that:  "LafzoN ki bari hurmat hoti hai"


Anonymous said...

Apart from this particular entry; on a different perspective on “LafzoN ki bari hurmat hoti hai”

Yehi Baat Kaash "Saadat Hasan Minto" saheb ki samaj main aajati.

Note: Do not want to drag, just took the oportunity to share as it strike me.

mystic-soul said...