Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ab Mian Biwi main itni bhi Mohabbat na ho....

(just a passing note in life)
This weekend I went to see movie in AMC theaters. In USA, and I guess everywhere, it seems very inappropriate and out of etiquette if you continue to use cell-phone, at least when movie is on!
One husband (desi - if it matters) - start to record movie on his cell phone , while his wife was away in bathroom, in between. Its OK to love someone but not up to the extent that you start crossing (good) social norms!


Anonymous said...

BHAI! Beweyann Bhi kiya kiya kaam karati hain!
Yesterday evening, during the conversation, I asked "Let’s go back home" we are OK now, she replied, do not even think of it, do you think i am staying with you because you are a smart, good man, you ever think of going back, you forget me.
I was stunned, & just went out in confusion.

mystic-soul said...

I have been through those situations many more time than you!