Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Words

"The words" is a suspense thriller but you may not know till the end! As someone said - it has stories within stories. It is a kind of a thriller you look forward to see. It makes you smile. It makes you cry. And, at the end it makes you scratch your head!

Major strength of the movie beside its consistent pace, climax and acting is its strong dialogues like:

"Life is about making choices. But hardest part is to live with those choices"
"My tragedy is that I loved words more than the woman who inspired me to write those words"

Theme: Movie revolves around the fact of life that reality and fiction are 2 distinct entities but with a very fine line in between! And sometime humans may tend to blur that line...

Plot: A young writer, with a loving and supportive wife in New York (Ah NY!) is struggling to make fate in writing world but with little success. Finally, he finds his break with a twist that story he published is not written by him but he accidentally found it in an old antique bag. Now the actual writer (old man in movie) discovered his lost work. Movie deals with interaction between actual and pseudo writer. Story is narrated in movie by another middle age writer to audience who is trolled and seduced back stage by a young beautiful, wanna be Columbia graduate writer, who is in quest to know - how much is the fact and how much is the fiction?

Trailer here

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