Thursday, September 13, 2012

La Li'nea

I had to get on 5 hours trans-continental flight, so I picked this book from store. It was so interesting that I was able to get it done in one sitting before my flight landed. Since its publication in 2006, this book has made a lot of waves and now has been put in reading schedules of many curriculum. Its an essential read for neo-immigrants like me though it is a tell of 2 kids risking their lives to cross border across Mexico to USA.

Apart from its pace and interesting content what strike my nerve was amazing question this book raised for immigrants. As it is written itself at book's back cover. "But they quickly learn that you can't always count on dreams - even the ones that come true".

Also, just crossing one physical border is not enough. Immigrants have to cross many many more borders to get adjust in new country, new culture and new society. Another sad aspect of the story is that how dream of prosperous life sometime torn apart family across miles, unseen by people living around and unfortunately accepted as fate for many!
"I hang up the phone. We don't say good-bye. We never do."

And many times, for many people - its more satisfying to go back where they feel more in peace with their own kinds!!

It reminded me of Faiz

Ye bhi kar dekha hey so baar, ke jab raahoN meiN
des-pardes ki be-mehar guzargaahoN meiN
qaafley qaamat-o-rukhsaar-o-lab-o-gesu key
parda-e-chasham pey utrey heiN, yuN be-soorat-o-rang
jis tarha band dareechoN pey girey baarish-e-sang

Aur dil kehta hey har baar, laut chalo
is sey pehley ke wahaaN jaaeNy to ye dukh bhi naa ho
ye nishaani ke wo darwaaza khula hey ab bhi
aur us sehan meiN, har su, yuNhi pehley ki tarha
farsh-e-nao-umeedeey-e-deedar bicha hey ab bhi

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Inam said...

But they quickly learn that you can't always count on dreams - even the ones that come true".

Plus not only advantage but adequate advantage.
BRO! This post opened not one but various avenues of imagination, it occurs to me, every ease brings forth its associated UN easiness with it, such as the nature of this world,
What we want, when we got, we adopt to what we have got, than journey starts again of want and desire from zero.