Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From "Yaadon ki Baarat" - 2

I got couple of emails where people asked to post Josh saheb's claim that he was visited by Prophet Mohammad. Josh continue to believe that it was non-spiritual though unexplained meta-physical event. He described 2 dreams

1. In childhood dream, he encountered Hazrat Abu-zar gaffari, Hazrat Ali and Prophet Mohammad - and he was given 'basharat' that he will be a very famous person. Click and read Page 147 - 149


2. Second in which he was instructed by Prophet Mohammad to travel to Hyderabad Deccan and stay under Nizam for 10 years. Click and Read page 203 to page 208


Personally, I have no doubts on above dreams. Similar encounters have been described by others like Qudaratullah shahab - I  believe "Buzurg hastiaN" appears in dreams more frequently than we imagine particularly in trying times....( In fact, I can attest to them but I guess every thing can't be written on blog!) and as like Josh I believe these as normal encounters!! - there is nothing special about it. We all live in one huge fireball of infinite time. And past, present and future are just illusions of time...

(Don't miss Tom Hank's new flick Cloud Atlas in this regard. It explains this better.)

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