Sunday, October 28, 2012

Qabooliat ki Ghari - 2

I blogged once about the old saying of Qabooliat ki ghari (here)... you decide!

This is a recent true event from one of my co-worker life

"On my 50th birthday, I decided to take long 3 weeks cruise all by myself. I locked my house. When I went to drop my keys to friend so he can keep eye on my house and check my mails. I just jokingly said to call me 'only' if my parents die! And guess what? As I found wi-fi connection at one port in remote eastern Europe  I check my  messages - and sure indeed! my father passed away in my native town of Montana 4 days after I left. I packed everything and went to his funeral after connecting 8 flights and 40 hours.  I feel God answered my joke"

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bsc said...

Tells you even if by way of joke one should not mention such words. BUT here is one example of Qubooliat ki ghaRi.Time factor is not understood by us.
Many years ago my friend and colleague went through a divorce and needed another wife. I advised him another friend's sister who was divorced. I prayed for him to be better Muslim (first wife was non-Muslim) and I remember exactly where in Haram Shareef I prayed for that in my Umrah. Guess what they have been married for some time now and are now at Hajj.