Sunday, October 21, 2012

From "Yaadon ki Baraat"

It is said that Urdu Poetry has produced 5 big poets....Mir, Ghalib, Iqbal, Josh and Faiz. Unfortunately Josh Malih-abadi was never given his due place in Sub-continental history. His poetry is like uninterrupted flow of words ...jese koi ilhami kalam ho...Keeping his poetry aside,  if you ever get chance - I highly recommend to read his auto-biography "Yaadon ki Baarat".

Josh himself was an atheist or at least non conformist  - but - spiritual experiences he described in that book are mind boggling, It is beyond  scope of this post to discuss his experience of Prophet visiting him but I will just mention his chapter on "Maulvi Ahmad Hussain".

Maulvi Ahmad Hussain tried to teach 'asrar-o-ramooz-e-marfat'  to Josh but Josh's approach was very logical in this matter. Despite his unaccepted view to 'maarfa', Josh was unable to explain the phenomenon that when last time Maulvi sahab met Josh, he informed that he will continue to visit Josh for 30 days in dreams - which he did - and he will meet him physically once 6 months before his death - which he did.

Read pages 574-601 from link below


Aasem Bakhshi said...

I read Yaadon Ki Baraat in an age that only sexual experiences of Josh remained ingrained on my mind to this day :) Its an apt reminder and I must revisit it after something like 20 years.

mystic said...

Nobody describe sexual experiences better than JOsh "Ayyashi ne mere andar ke hewaan ko thapthaya hai aur ishq ne mere andar ke insaan ko jagaya hai"