Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Understanding deeper meaning of 'Kal'

English language has different words for past, present and future days like yesterday, today and tomorrow. But Urdu or Hindi actually has same word for previous and next days called "Kal"........and there is a reason for it.

"Kal" has originated from a Sanskrit word "Kaal" which means nothing or non-existence.  jese kehte hain - kaal par gaya.  Another similar originated word from  kaal is Kaala which means black. Sanskrit is (?was) a very rich language but same terminology is used for both previous and next day. What it signifies that for a human, past and present both are just non existent. Human life only exists in present (aaj).

In short, wahi kuch hai jo haal hai - baaqi sab maya aur kaal hai


bsc said...

Linguistics are fascinating. Like I used to say: English "Much" if pronounced with pesh like "moch" it becomes Panjabi. meaning remaining the same surprisingly

mystic said...

All languages are just branches - Mother 'Madr' hogai, Brother 'biradar ' ho gaya, Daughter 'dukhtar' ho gai......