Friday, November 16, 2012

Challenge in Marriage

(I have an interesting profession. I meet various people from all across the world with amazing life experiences. An advise from one old grandpa)

"Greatest challenge you will find in marriage is to hanging with your spouse. You will always encounter people smarter, handsome, attractive and even seductive than your spouse. There would be a huge temptation, lust and even frustration due to this with your spouse. You will feel like, with a wrong person. But once - and only once - you stray away, it is a slippery slope going into deep ditch. If you have a spouse who is a good person, hang with him or her. Nothing beats that".


Beyond said...

Good but difficult advice.i do feeli at times to kick my husband hard in his back but hitting him wont solve anything i just have to work hard at being kind and nice;)

I was wondeing the other day why is this bond so hard to manage.are there actually people out there for whom it is easy?

mystic-soul said...

We all feel this way, one time or other....I guess, its natural