Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cloud Atlas

"Cloud Atlas" is an amazing conceptual movie, though 3 hours long..

After 'Forrest Gump', this is Tom Hank's one finest performance!

Movie simultaneously carries multiple stories in multiple era of human living, but showing that we all are inter-connected. Our each act is inter-connected. Our unfinished letter, half read book, our unexplained dreams etc. We all are living in a huge ball of Time. Past, present and future is an illusion. Irrespective of time we are living and irrespective of our level of civilization - what matters is human love, bonding, our heart to help each other, overcoming our inner fear - And above all, our ability to stand up for truth.

The most interesting part of movie was the portrayal of different versions of human slavery - from classic black slavery to old age people restraints in nursing homes! - or like - emotional blackmailing as shown of one gay person by his boss. Outcomes of our endeavors may not be positive and may end in failure (suicide, execution etc) - but what matters is to keep fighting the evil with strong sustained human bondings!

A touch of science fiction was inevitable like human cloning etc. -  but what was amusing that people in one far past era had no surprise when ship from future and other planet visited them!

Its an interesting watch - but only for people with some IQ!!

Trailer here

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