Sunday, November 11, 2012

explaining "Khalad"

(Following post is nothing but just a rambling and description of one event. No interference is intended about right or wrong of any religion)

I always read Quran as a book of literature! but in the process had few interesting experiences. Let me share one! - call it my psychological manifestation!!!

Few years ago, I could not accept the concept that how some Quranic verses are saying that you may go to hell or heaven forever! (like 2: 81-82) - Most translations for word "khalidun" were forever. Didn't make sense to me. If heaven or hell is a reward or punishment - it should have some form of closure/end to it. Otherwise whole spiritual journey seems like trash to me. Just F**** heaven or hell can't be a logical end to a massive design of divinity? - it should be way bigger than that..

I spend many years trying to find answer to this question. No explanation from sages provided me any satisfactory answer. One night - I put Quran on my bedside and went to bed - very tired.

In the middle of the night - I had dream that I am surrounded by snakes and deadly bugs. My heart is pounding with fear and I had this immense feeling that this fear will never ever go away. I woke up sweating and thought I had a nightmare - but than I was surrounded by this feeling that my query is answered. Heaven or hell is nothing but just a feeling (which seems like forever) in our heart - may be - to continue to purify us via good deeds or to keep us away from bad deed. Even today, when I think of that dream, fear occupies my heart like everything.

In next few years - I learned that most translations were wrong. Khalidun originated from word 'khalad' which means - 'never getting old'. Rewards or punishments ends but their lesson/feeling stays young forever  - and we move from one axis to another axis in pursuit of bigger end. Hell or heaven are just medium of knowledge.. Books/Sufism are full of this talk of spiritual journey. Google it!

Hum  ko malum  hai  jannat  ki   haqeeqat,   lekin
Dil ke khush rakhne ko Ghlib ye khayal achha hai


Beyond said...

I agree husband is always being very rigid about such ideas and telling the same to my oldest son.i think nothing is black and white in this world.people who are very focused on their ideas are usually disappointed in the end.i often tell my friend that i will be very curious after death about the fact that which belief was true.Islam,hinduism,judism etc etc.since no one has been able to confirm so far:)

mystic-soul said...

You reminded me the the first scene from movie "The curious case of Bejamin Button", when a woman was dying in hospital and her daughter asked her: "Are you afraid?" and she replied;" No! I am just curious"

bsc said...

The writer has chosen on of the five different colors of meanings of Khalada. But it is up to every person to believe what he thinks is close to his 'Aql intelligence.
Inspite of all the claims of those who say they have been to heaven and back and give descriptions etc. the fact is nobody knows for that is His plan/strategy.

Beyond said...

Oh mysic i was going to watch that film today(no really i was)you gave my opening away;)

mystic-soul said...

Beyond! its one finest watch!!