Tuesday, November 06, 2012

$2 Bill

"Unconditional" is a low budget 'bible belt type' movie based on a true story of a Tennessee man with renal failure who devoted his life for betterment of kids in projects! (youtube trailer here)

It is a regular movie which conveys the message of love and I doubt it deserves any review but one theme was very touchy as well as amusing in that movie - rather was the most glossy face of the movie!

"Love is like a $2 Bill - you seldom see it. Though it is rare but it is there. Tragedy is that, when we find it we don't value it and let it go. Next time when you find $2 bill - keep it and gift it to someone you love. It will make a mark".

(Personally, since I saw this movie I am still looking for it but haven't found it. Damn! these credit cards!!)

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