Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Movie 43

I have never seen such an abnormal movie! You don't need heart, you need balls to see this movie!

Movie 43 is a highly out of norm, extremely sarcastic and at some points nauseating movie - which make you gag on the realities of life! If you get it - you will thoroughly enjoy it - otherwise you may walk out in the middle of the movie. Its that abnormal. It is a collection of 12 small short stories poking fun on harsh realities of life.
  • If you have money - nobody cares even if your balls are literary hanging in your neck!
  • How much we destroy our children by raising them protective as hovering parents, trying to teach them harsh realities of life inside house.
  • How everything is about money when fairy angel says: 'I suck d*** for gold coins'!
  • In 'dating mode' people do any truth or dare thing to impress other - just to make themselves more ugly!
  • How this whole 'Apple" generation is screwed by commercialization of gadgets.
  • How words make difference  - Shit is bad but Poop is acceptable!
  • When a young girl goes through the most crucial phase of her life, men do not care - they are only worried about their own farts!
  • Its not about Teamwork! - Its all about  "Whites and Blacks" (Commentary on racial bias in society).
  • Someone may come up to screw your life and your relationship. You rightly get angry but at the end its you who bear all the blames and become a loser!
  • How we abuse machines - though machines are just like kids!

It has long cast including Richard Gere, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone, Halle Berry etc.

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