Monday, January 21, 2013

On 'Fatherhood'

(When I became a father for first time, one of my mentor said a beautiful thing)

"I am 65. My father died years ago. On other side my kids are grown and gone. There is only one thing which matters for a man, at the end. If your children remember you as a 'one good man' who lived an honorable and honest life, they will cherish and respect your fatherhood, despite any of your flaw they know".


Taqi said...

are you really 65 .........

do u belong to Karachi and have you studied from DMC or SMC , when did you came to US .

Taqi Abbas !!!!!!!

mystic-soul said...
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mystic-soul said...


I am anatomically not 65 but physiologically many times, I feel I am 65!....My mentor said that as I said in first line

Yes I am from Karachi but can't disclose my medical school due to privacy! Isn't there are other medical colleges in Karachi too!!!