Sunday, January 13, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook

During this Christmas and new year, there were so many good new movies. One movie which went relatively unnoticed but had an unusual theme was 'Silver Linings Playbook'. This is a story of apparently 2 psychologically unbalanced individuals who on first glance seems crazy - pure nuts. But as movie unfolds we come to know that they had significant relationship trauma which threw them off the cliff.

 Pat (played by handsome Bradley Cooper - what an actor) has bipolar disease as a baseline who thrives and survives on love of his wife - but one day he catches his wife in shower having sex on his favorite  wedding song. He ends up in mental institution.

 Tiffany (played by Jennifer Lawrence) - a very smart girl, who also loved her husband very much but still not ready to get pregnant. One day as her husband driving back from 'Victoria Secrets' with sexy lingerie so he can make out with his wife, gets hit by another car, and dies. She get so paranoid about avoiding love making with her husband now, that she go on rampage by having sex with every one at her place of work. She not only looses her job but also her credibility in small town, where everybody knows everybody.

 This movie is all about how cruelty of life can threw people off the hook. You never know! Mind is a fragile thing with a single red line!

 Robert De Niro is awesome and finding Anupam Kher in a Hollywood flick is a pleasant surprise.

 Trailer here

P;S: Amir Khan again proved his self in his new flick 'Talash'!


Beyond said...

Yeah watched that movie last was such a nice movie that i thought i might even prefer it over reading a book.and then you know there was a added factor of the lead actor being so good looking;)
Talash was good too.but i have to say(i never thought i would say this)that kareena was good too in it.

mystic-soul said...

"....added factor of the lead actor being so good looking;)",,,,lol.

Kareena did an awesome job!, no doubt. She impressed me!

Beyond said...

Must be a mid life crisis.i have just turned 33,been married for 10 years,have 3 kids and just now i have actually just to started look at guys and going hmm they are good drives my husband insane.i am going to hell for sure.

mystic-soul said...

Beyond! We men very quickly get insecure when our women talk about other men!