Thursday, January 03, 2013

On 'Hymenoplasty' / 'Erectile Dysfuntion'

On my previous post "Hymenoplaty" (here), Received following comment from TT.

".... Let me give you the flip side. I met a boy through family connection. We get married after few outings (dates?). First 3 months were fine. Than I discovered kit hidden in closet with Testosterone shots and packets of Cialis. I was heartbroken, not because of his sexual problem but because he didn't tell me. I googled and found that Testosterone may decrease the chances of fertility. I confronted him. He was only 32. It hurted his manly ego. He went defensive. Unfortunately, things quickly went out of hand. He divorced me. In counseling, I was told - this problem is common in men even in young's.  I could have bear it, if he would have trusted me. I would have gone to doctors with him. I saw your other posts on 'jhoot', lies and relationship.

Can't agree more with the girl who said: "Jhoot pe palne wale rishte se behtar hai woh rishta, jo toot jaaye".

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smita sharma said...

Hymenoplasty , also called revirgination, hymen repair or hymenorrhaphy, is a cosmetic surgery conducted to repair or rebuilt a hymen. The two most common types of procedure used in Hymenoplasty is simple Hymenoplasty or Alloplant.