Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On "Rejecting sex in Marriage"

(Listened in one self help lecture)

"As marriage gets old, sex becomes very secondary. Kids, career, chores, bills, in-laws, house, kitchen etc etc! Sex takes last spot. Just having this sense that spouse physical body is there is enough to satisfy libido! Dangerous situation arise when your spouse make move to have intimate moments but you feel run down. Rejecting his/her sexual advance right out creates a negative feedback, trauma to ego and sense of rejection. And overtime marriage becomes asexual. About 20% or more marriages of healthy people in USA have become asexual. So what to do if your spouse wants sex but you don't. Best to stay with him/her, hug  and hold hand. Be honest and share your reason not to have intimacy. Nothing is more dangerous than walking away or to go to other edge of bed............Trust me, he/she knows, you don't have headache."

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