Friday, January 18, 2013

Trolling in relationship!

(A friend shared her grief/story)

What destroyed my marriage was Trolling. We never got divorce. We were separated for a while, been together again but things are not same as before.

Should I blame Facebook? I start trolling friends on my husband's Facebook account, which led to start trolling his cell phone bill. While he was asleep in bedroom, I start trolling his texts. One suspicion leads to more trolling and more suspicions. I discovered, my husband has an email account which I was not aware. I installed spy software on computer and discovered he has a private bank account, which led to more distrust. I start noting his car mileage and start checking his briefcase, GPS etc. etc. We start having fights. He became more insecure and start hiding more. His private email was to receive dirty jokes from friends, which  he was just uncomfortable to share with me after once I scolded him for no reason in first week of marriage. His bank account was to send money to his married sister whom I disliked.

Don't troll. It does not help! My advise? Don't touch other's computer, phone or draws....

People don't change, they just change modus operandi. They will do what they want to do.

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