Friday, August 23, 2013

On "Used Textbooks"

There was a time in my life, when my parents didn't have enough money. We used to get one uniform and one shoes per year. We used to borrow used textbooks from friends in upper class by exchanging it with their siblings in lower class.

It was in 7th class when one day while having a math test, Sir Zaheer asked us to use reference formula from the back of the book. I failed as reference page for formulae was missing from my book.

That day Sir Zaheer said: "Son! Never get 'used textbooks'. I understand it costs money but it is not a good habit for 3 reasons. First, it may be outdated. Second, it may have missing pages but lastly and most importantly, it may take away your psychological craving of conquering new book as old textbooks do not carry the charm, smell and curiosity of hidden treasure".

I never believed that - but now I do. As someone told me once: "Fortunate is the man who holds a virgin woman, built his own house and smells pages of a new book".


Sahir said...

I will add driving a brand new car to the list....HAHAHA

Shabeeh Sayyed said...

stupid man Sir Zaheer because he dint know the reality thats why he says this silly comment

Arsalan said...

Buying Old textbooks is a 2 edge sword. Since last 2 years, I stand in line outside a bookstore to buy used text books. It has its pros and cons. Sir Zaheer may be right. Let keep the cost part aside.

Old textbooks already may have important aspects highlighted or underlined by previous reader which can be of enormous help to cut unneeded read but the same thing can fire back and can turn textbook into a mere concise note and take away the whole spectral view of ideas and concepts author want a reader to know....

But at the end of the day, for a student like me even few saved pennies matter.