Friday, August 02, 2013

My experience with hypnotism

If you are following this blog, you may know my previous obsession with para-psychology.

In context with quest of re-incarnation, once I found one hypnotist who claim to take people to past lives.

As he made me sit comfortable at his eye level, and asked me to relax my mind and start saying things which I don't remember - I saw myself standing at the bank of a river. Bank was pretty high about 50 feet from the ground. I was almost 70-75 years old. I was dressed in white creamish shirt with some dark color pant. I was clean shaved. It seems I was an Indian/desi. It appears to be a period of early to mid 1950s.

Suddenly, I saw a huge figure with 2 iron hand (huge 12-15 feet figure), who threw me to river. I understand he was malkul-maut (angel of death)! It appears to people that sand below my right foot slipped away and I died due to fall in river - but now I know I was thrown in river.

At this my eyes opened. Hypnotist informed me that this is the best he can do!

But here is the kick! Even since before this episode of my life - I was always afraid of water banks/beaches and swimming. (I have mentioned few instances on this blog) and I always thought of living my life around age 70-75...

I am still not sure - was that real travel back to past life or just a play of human mind!

Allahu alim ul gaib.

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