Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen's new movie "Blue Jasmine" is a sweet bitter taste of life! Woody Allen is a legend and the way he did this movie, speaks of his genius!

Plot of the movie revolves around a neurotically anxious woman who once enjoyed the status of high elite New York society and suddenly events throw her down to nothingness. She has to move to west coast (a touch in directorship of 2 extremes coasts!) to live with her relatively low socio-economic class sister (ginger), who works as a cashier in a grocery store!

Movie demonstrates to us that how easily material well being can make us blind to phoniness of relationships (Relationship of Jasmine and her husband). But side notes in movie are as interesting as the main theme, like sometime we get second chance in life but we blew that too with fear of not speaking truth (Jasmine breaking up with ambitious but gentle wanna be a congressman) - and - how sometime we can stray away from true love under craze/haze of a new found person (Ginger sleeping with a guy she met in a party) - and - how 2 people can make up again!!! (Ginger getting back with her guy).

It was very touchy when Ginger's ex-husband said to Jasmine: "Its not easy for some people to put everything behind and move on in life"!

You should read NY TImes review: Pride Stays, Even After the Fall (or here)

Its a movie you may like to see


1. "JOBS" turned out to be an unimpressive work though Ashton Kutcher did a remarkable job playing Steve Jobs. 
2.  Shah Rukh's 'Chennai Express' is a pure fun flick - 'aik dam paisa wasool masala picture'.
3. Jennifer Aniston's "We are the Millers" is just waste of time and money! I don't think, it was even funny

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