Monday, October 07, 2013

Soul mate

I never bought the concept of soul mate, though I subscribe to the notion of 'spiritual tribes or families" - 'Soul Mates' but not Soul mate!

It was year 2005. I was at transit lounge of Amsterdam when I accidentally met a Chinese guy who was born and raised in West. As we both start talking to kill time, he told me that he is going to China as he had a dream in which he was told that he has a soulmate in some far flung town/village of China. According to him, he was given all specifics and details in dream. He is now curious and wants to go and check out by himself. I didn't believe him. I ask him to send me an email if it turns out to be true. He promised. Indeed, a month later he send me an email confirming his dream was all true. I didn't believe him even then, thinking what a bluff!

4 years later, when I was closing my email account due to personal reasons, I came across his email again, and out of curiosity send him an email inquiring his well being and whereabouts. He send me his picture with his 'soul mate'. He had embraced Buddhism religion and stayed back in China for good! He looked very happy in picture with his hands around his 'soul mate'. I was not sure to continue to treat his story as a bluff this time? I just closed the browser.

Allah Jane!

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