Sunday, October 06, 2013

On Antipsychotics

(On a woman killed in Washington DC Here. Reportedly she was off her meds)

In the beginning of my career, I had lot of antagonism for antipsychotics, antidepressants and other centrally acting drugs. But over years with experience, I found them to be an essential life saving drugs. I met many many  patients and people who would end up in psych facility, spoiled their life (read story of Mani here), committed suicide or have killed someone without these drugs. Depression, Bi-polarism, Schizophrenia etc. are REAL things! People act and do bizarre things.

Most important part is to have a doctor/psychiatrist/shrink who can 'finely' manage these drugs and can keep side effects under control.


bsc said...

I read Mani's kahani and it is so sad that even in these times when so much of very effective means are available suicide does occur. I call it "malignant Depression" (Not given in books) These are usually very intelligent and very hardworking people. I learnt about bipolar from my patients who were both bright and they told me almost all I needed to know to understand this disorder. Sometimes I think every physician should spend a year in psychiatric wards. It has made me a better caring physician, I know. Medications however are now available and very powerful, predictable BUT you are right a good Psychiatrist is needed to administer and monitor. No other branch of medical practice requires human relationship as essential

mystic-soul said...

Uncle, I can't agree more!

Anonymous said...

See this news: