Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who and What

In life, it is more important to concentrate on "Who" instead of "What"!

It is more valuable to ask: "Who is important?" than "What is important?"
It is more worthed to ask: "Who is with me?" than "What is with me?"

(Heard in Jim Collins lecture, author of 'How the Mighty fall')


Rida Shahmeer said...

Someone somewhere dreams of your smile
And finds your presence in life worthwhile
So when you are lonely remember its true
that someone somewhere is thinking of you....!!

Mystic said...

Who and You....Wah ye achha hai!

Rida Shahmeer said...

and if at times when someone says that "WHO are YOU?" then??

Life | Above | Zero ! said...

It is good to think of "Who " rather than "What " nice sharing

Mystic said...

Rida: That was really a good one!

Life above zero: Keep coming!