Saturday, December 06, 2014

On "bare arms"

Someone asked me: "What attracts you most in the woman beside usual busts and bums"!

I replied: "I find sleeveless bare arms extremely attractive".

I got an interesting comment: "Did you know, Homer in Iliad refers to certain goddesses as white-armed. So this was almost their identification. So you are not the only one who is fan of bare arms. It happened a few thousand years ago:-)"


bsc said...

Amazing that poets have paid much more attention to lips hair and rukhsar etc. but only rarely mention bazoo (more often narm hath)
I found one song only
"goro gori narm narm banhoN miN--
Aaaa Sapnay tujhay bulain"
Geeta Dutt film Hamdard 1953

mystic-soul said...

I guess it was not a norm to have sleeveless on those days!

Anonymous said...

And for womem, men's teeth are very attractive (or repulsive)