Thursday, December 10, 2015

An interesting question


mehnaz said...

"Its strange but I have better conversations in my head with my self than I do with most people"--- this my teenage cousin told me and I agreed with her fully. However, I would have loved my Father to be that person on that bench--as he passed away when I was very young. If wishes were horses...........

Sir, how do you come up with such interesting thoughts........they are like pebbles creating ripples....

mystic said...

It was a forward from a close friend, but definitely I loved it
For me, it would be one of my childhood friend.

bsc said...

Ithought nobody will 'dare' this one but since Manaz baitee did it I am going to say now what I had in mind.
No, not the person but it reminded me of my fav. movie (My wife did not think it was good movie) Called "Matter of Life and Death" starring David Niven. In the movie a scene comes in when the Angel (IZraeel) asks David choose any "counsel" to speak for you from present or past and introduces persons like Aristotle, or such figures (I do not remember all, It was during my College days and recently saw part of it on TCM) So does this post of yours and I am as confused as David was. Thought of the prophet SAWS but knowing myself how would I face him
"Kabay kis munh say jaogay Ghalib?
And then realized I cant hear anything maybe I stay quiet and name nobody. Am I making sense?

mehnaz said...

No, Agar gustakhi lage to derguzar kijiyega-Im telling this to myself and all.

Allah says in Surah Al Zumar "O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy o Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Hence, We ask from his mercy and not from any of our good deeds.

My late Nanajaan used to recite a beautiful Naat of Mawlana Jami-the last lines of which always make me cry and give a renewed sense of hope of the intercession we all desire-

Choon Baazoo’e Shafaa’at Raa-Khushaa’I Bar Gunaagara
Makun Mahruume Jaami Raa-Daraa Aan, Ya Rasulallah !

When you spread your hands to intercede for the sinners on the Day of Judgement Then do not deprive Jaami of your exalted intercession O Prophet of Allah!

May Allah help us all and grant us the exalted intercession -AAMEEN.

mystic-soul said...

Mehnaz... you almost made me it reminded me a very important event from my life

I blogged here

bsc said...

I had to wait till my G-children finish their Xmas (Eid for me) visit. No baitee not a gustakhi, What I actually thought How can a commoner gunahgar sit side by side with him who is dono jahano kay Sardar.
However what you "reminded" yourself was a beautiful and my fav aya. I have some personal exhilarating experiences with that one. And yes the Jami's quote is 'sonay peh suhaga "
This Aya stands out so clearly and is full of love of Allah towards His "Ibad" (Ya ibadee). May He count us among them always. Incidentally it reminds me of a hadees that brought a cry and tears immediately for me
Just imagine, Faithful loving Sahaba sitting around him ask him would there be any better lovers of you ya rasoolallah than us. He answered
Yes, and I love them, those who will come after you and would love without having seen me". He was talking about ALL of us as if he could see it clearly SallAllahu Alaihi wasallam

Shaan said...

woh koi shaqs toa nahi hoga lakin mei apne bachpan ko bhaut miss karta hu....mei apne bachpan se bat karna chahunga

mystic-soul said...

Shaan... Bara anokha jawab diya hai.... maza aaya