Tuesday, December 01, 2015

On "sorrows of a widow"

"Don't you know that widows or divorced women often have children by the new husband, which resemble the old one?"

A powerful line from 'He Who  Gets Slapped" - a  classic century old American drama and film, actually an adaptation from Russian literature.


bsc said...

"waiting to be read and understood"
yes true but you see the difference is that YOU pick the one to place it before all because you "read and understand it" No, just look at this quote of "widow", by writing here in your way you have made it a case. Many people read the same lines but you have the unique ability to pick it out./ Then I am discovering among your readers who are as thrilled as I am reading your notes. See how "inspiring" are those "kahaniaN"
No Mystic you are definitely NOT dyslexic and I say that not just because I am a neurologist.
moti ki pehchan jowhari ko hi hoti hay

mystic-soul said...

Thank you!!